18 - 21 August, 2023 / GLAMPING TAGO


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    Center for experienced IT-specialists
    Community of professionals
A 4-day IT networking event in the mountains - We communicate, share experiences, and enjoy the stunning mountain nature at Tago Glamping.

You will have the opportunity to meet talented professionals, in an informal setting; mountains, nature, delicious food, body practices, and lots of deep conversations. We are sure that here you will be able to find new friends, and perhaps partners for a startup or a joint project.

We invite you to travel with us to a wonderful place in a great company!
About Glamping Tago
Tago Glamping is a hotel located in the mountains of Adjara, 90 km away from Batumi. It is situated in a small village called Tago, whose breathtaking views captivate from the first glance. Getting there is not easy, making it even more interesting - first, there is a comfortable transfer from Batumi to Khulo, and from there to Tago, there is a cable car, which is an attraction in itself.

Camp program
18 august - 21 august, 2023
The main focus of our IT SOUL CAMP will be on balancing personal free time and group practice and activity time, which will help participants open up, make friends, and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of acceptance and cooperation

In the program: various IT activities, morning yoga practices, meditations (a must-have for IT specialists, as well as bodywork), and unifying group events. Also: we'll go to the mountains together, cycle, watch sunsets together, have fun, discuss pressing issues, and enjoy the most awesome season in the Tago mountains.
For IT specialists, it's important to maintain a balance between work and recovery to avoid facing professional burnout and its consequences.
It's necessary to incorporate physical activity into your routine. For more effective intellectual work and recovery, meditation practices are excellent. At the camp, you'll receive simple and effective tools that can easily be integrated into your daily routine on a regular basis, as well as self-help tools for high-stress situations
Friday, 18 august
11:30 - Gathering and transfer in Khulo
15:00 - Cable card and Tago walk
17:00 - Meeting with group
20:00 - Evening meal
21:00 - Campfire program
Saturday, 19 august
07:30 - Morning Yoga
09:00 - Breakfast
15:00 - IT Activities
18:30 - Bodywork section
20:00 - Evening meal
21:00 - Campfire program
Sunday, 20 august
07:30 - Morning meditation
09:00 - Breakfast
15:00 - IT Activities
18:30 - Bodywork Section
21:00 - Campfire program
Monday, 21 august
07:30 - Morning yoga
11:00 - Final activity
13:00 - Check Out из Glamping Tago
15:00 - Transfer Back from Tago
18:00 - Arrival in Batumi
Dormitory for 9 people
Personal tent for 2 people
Vegetarian restaurant in Adjarian mountains
The center's kitchen features local vegetarian cuisine, mixed with various European dishes. Both breakfast and dinner are served buffet-style: a salad bar, hot dishes, tea/coffee, and a variety of desserts.
During the day, you can also dine at the restaurant and order items from the main menu.

Breakfast and dinner are included in the IT soul camp price;
Pricing, 4 days:
Accomodation in tent for 2 people:
*Price per one person

1250 GEL
Place in tent for 2 people

Accomodation 4 days / 3 nights

Two meals a day

All camping program

Transfer from Batumi
Sold out
Prcing, 2 days
Accomodation in tent for 2 people:
*Price per one person

650 GEL
Place in tent for 2 people

Accomodation 2 days / 1 night

Two meals a day

All camping program

(!)Transfer not included*
*the organizing team will already be in Tago and we won't be able to accompany you to Tago together with us. But we will advise you on the best way to get there, cooperate you with other participants, and meet you on the spot
Sold out
We will be creating a gentle, friendly, caring atmosphere at the camp.
  • Nikita Schetko

    • In IT since 2010, Frontend TeamLead;

    Carrying a wide variety of work experience:

    - Service company(Velcom/A1);

    - Outsourcing (Evokesystems и InToSoft);

    - Product ( Currency.com / 3D Startup);

    • An IT specialist, combining rational and intuitive approaches, SoftSkills mentor

    • Organizer of spiritual-psychological events in Batumi

    "I try to combine technical skills with communication skills and emotional intelligence. Rich experience in organizing events and group interaction, I have something to share."

  • Yulia Zolotareva

    • Creator of the first yoga studio in Batumi YogaSpace.ge.

    • Organizer and leader of spiritual, psychological training

    • Practicing psychologist, master of psychological-pedagogical sciences

    • Over 10 years of yoga practice experience

    "I am interested in the human being – his physiology, the psychology of the individual and relationships, as well as the energy laws by which a person functions and interacts with the world."

Invited guests and participants
  • Pavel Veinik

    Pavel is at the foundation of various IT specialist communities, including: ByChange, Free IT. He held roles as developer, team lead, architect, CTO in small startups, large corporations, and product companies:

    • Architect: Miro, EPAM
    • CTO: AmadoAd Ltd., SplitMetrics, Leverice
    • Tech Advisor: LeoHome Inc.
    • He has built architecture for the world's largest corporations within EPAM team

    Founder Hard&Soft Skills

    He has trained over 1K developers in the last 15 years. Trained over 100 architects. Creates and conducts training courses for any technical direction.

  • Elena Safonova

    More 10 years experience in IT

    Head of QA Competency / QA Lead Unit Coordinator

    Department management (PM, BA, DEV, QA) и resource management

    Companies: A1QA: Senior QA, QA Lead, Mentor SumatoSoft: Head of QA Competencty, Unit Coordinator QA Academy: QA Mentor Stormnet: QA Mentor

    Mentor Hard&Soft Skills

    Areas of interest:

    • Development of soft & hard skills (Personal motivation and growth in both professional skills and employee mentoring);
    • Building testing strategies and their implementation, reviewing current testing strategies and identifying bottlenecks;

Testimonial video from retreat 30 june - 4 july, 2023
In June, we held a joint retreat together with yogaspace.ge. It was almost like a little life in the mountains: with meetings and farewells, laughter and tears, greeting the sun in the mornings and delighting at the sunset in the evenings. With yoga in the clouds, a cup of tea, and heartfelt conversations around the fire, walks in the mountains and ... contemplation of life. Thanks to the wonderful Тане -
we have such an emotional and beautiful video about the retreat.
I'am with You!!
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